Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Living Free From The Inner Man - Guest Post from Richard Rosen

Living free from the burdens and entrapments of things material is the outward expression of the inner man living free. What does it mean to live free inwardly? Daily walking in alignment with your Spirit. (Religion terms it guardian angel or divine spirit.) Each of us has a connection to a personal guiding spirit that enables us to perceive  what’s right. 

For a practical way to do determine what choice to make, try this:

Ask yourself, does the decision bring about the greatest good, contain the utmost beauty, and reflect the highest truth? It is not required to find each of these three elements. If genuine truth is present, then will beauty and goodness be there. And so it is with each.

What to do when what you perceive contradicts what others say, convention dictates, or government mandates?

Rules are not sacred. Rules are made for men; men are not made for rules. Do not live by man-made conventions and laws simply because they are in place. There are times when they need to be altered. Have the courage and wisdom to ignore, circumvent, and even violate rules, regulations and laws. Be sure to apply wisdom in making the decision. Count the cost; there may be risk involved. Calculate and quantify and be prepared for what may result.

We at times straightjacket ourselves in rigid regulation. Here’s an example:

I agreed to cover the early hour of the work day for my colleague. On Tuesdays, our house is cleaned and Eve and I would often take early breakfast together before work. Eve confirmed breakfast one Tuesday, but I said that I couldn't make it because we were running late and I would be late to the office to cover the timeslot of my associate. She felt bad and I felt bad. On the way to work I reflected, "What if I were not there for a half-hour? What is the downside? Other than a call or two that would go to voicemail, not much." I had not thought it through.

The determination to be at work at the appointed time trumped a signal to my spirit that I should at least examine my standard practice of being reliable. Reliability, an obvious virtue, when rigid and unyielding, becomes an idol. And so it is with all things. Allow your Spirit to tap you on the shoulder and say, “Not today. Let’s depart from that which is expected and habit.”

In all things, motive and intent is the guide. Would God––or your innermost conviction––be proud of your reasons? Every rule of man, every convention, every tradition––including religious ones––are man-made, not sacred. They can be altered. Be sure the reason for so doing aligns with what is good, true, and beautiful. When you live in alignment with your spirit, there is liberty. You are indeed living free.

About Richard Rosen:

Richard Rosen and his wife, Eve, reside on the east coast of Florida. I met Richard through his brother, Art Gliner, a friend and colleague for about 30 years. Richard has been a loyal follower of my blog for several years. For most of his life, Richard has had a spiritual focus. What are the issues of life? Why are we here? He discovered that God exists in 1971, thus began a focused and determined effort to know Him as his spiritual Father. The bottom line for him has been the practical application of spiritual realities. What good is truth if it remains unlived?

For many years, Richard focused exclusively on things spiritual - to the neglect of the political, economic and social aspect of society. He realized 
a well balanced and poised personality understands and knows how to effectively live in the natural world. With that insight, things changed and he became conversant and skilled in finance, political & social systems, and world events.

Richard and Eve have enjoyed a happy, successful marriage for many years. They counsel others in the areas of spirituality, relationships, finances and health. He believes that sharing one's life and doing good flows from a mature soul. You also might be interested in Richard's latest book, Paperback - Living Spiritually in a Practical World: How to attune yourself to divine guidance or the Kindle Version - Living Spiritually in a Practical World: How to attune yourself to divine guidance  

Richard can be contacted through me either by commenting on this post or emailing me at ed at edhelvey dot com.

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